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Whelm Book

Whelm Book

Takes longer than ordering off Amazon, but if you order the paperback directly from me I'll sign your copy for you.



Rich and beautiful Audra Filigree has the so-called perfect boyfriend and is sailing through life, living the North American dream. But when that false veil of perfection crumbles, her whole world falls apart in a heartbeat.


Despite her privilege, her life no longer feels right and she dissolves into a full-fledged panic attack. Not knowing what else to do, she starts walking with no clear destination in mind. Battling mounting anxiety and unrealized depression, she continues walking in a journey of self-discovery and in rebellion against her overbearing father and the life she begins to realize was never what she wanted for herself.


Whelm is an important story about the reality of struggling with mental health challenges, learning what true love feels like, who our true friends are and what's truly important to us.

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